Repentance of "Repent"

Dearest Lord,

I know that while You were here in the flesh, You spoke these words, "Go and sin no more". I also understand that based on the Hebrew/Old Testament definition repent means turn back or turn away, hence "Turn away from your sin and turn to God"

I realize now that while I am here in the flesh, as I see myself and as others may see me, I will not be able to perfectly not sin again, nor perfectly turn away from sin and perfectly turn to You, I know You know this, and You know I try.

Based on the Greek/ New Testament definition I understand that repent means to think differently or afterwards (ie: feel compunction). Given the fact that Jesus Christis my Savior, in spite of how I see myself or others may see me, I have faith that even with my best efforts, my future imperfections will in no way overshadow me from being made perfect in Your eyes, through Jesus Christ.

Lord, you asked us to spread the Good News of our sins forgiven throughout the world. Please help us to spread the Good News of our sins forgivable from Your perspective, with conviction, and not the "impossible news" based on our future imperfections, from our perspective.

My greatest thanks for Salvation, faith, hope, and love.

In Jesus precious name, Amen.

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